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27 Dec 2023
Yanto and Gaz step up to replace Rowland
Ahead of this weekend's Indigo Premiership fixture against Llandovery, we announce that Rowland Phillips has left the club … Read More
25 Nov 2023
Evan Joins His Old Man
New addition to our wall of achievement in the clubhouse lounge. Fantastic to place Evan alongside his father, Lloyd … Read More
25 Nov 2023
Armistice Service
#ArmisticeSunday With thanks to representatives of our #Maiden12s and #Under13s attending today's Armistice Service and placing wreaths at the … Read More
5 Nov 2023
Elite Domestic Competition (EDC). Our decision
Many of you will have read of recent toing and froing regarding the merits or otherwise of joining the … Read More
29 Oct 2023
Lilly Griffiths. Selected for Boys and Girls Clubs
#HugeCongratulations Lilly Griffiths, captain of the #IronMaidens #U16s, Lilly having been selected for the Boys & Girls Clubs … Read More
29 Oct 2023
Under 14s Girls Secure The All Important W
#Under14s #Girls Beautiful evening for rugby tonight #CharacterBuilding Congratulations to our girls, securing their first win of the season against … Read More
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